Developing Professional Skills For Executive Secretaries

The roles of the Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries/Assistants and other Administrative staff in business are continually evolving. In this programme delegates will discuss how to:

  • Enhance their skills to enable them to work at a higher level
  • Appreciate the value and importance of their role
  • Understand their business in order to work effectively
  • Use communication skills to their advantage and to the benefit of their organisation
  • Develop their interpersonal skills to improve their working practice

By attending this programme, delegates will be able to return to work having learnt how to expand their role and deal with business situations more effectively.

They will also have the confidence to use these skills and thus raise their profile in their company. They will have an action plan to put into practice.

Learning Objectives

Participants attending the programme will:

  • Improve their existing skills;
  • Understand how to develop their role;
  • Learn how to write more effective correspondence;
  • Learn how to give memorable presentations;
  • Be aware of how to be more proactive;
  • Understand ways in which they can expand their business acumen;
  • Learn ways to manage their manager;
  • Discuss interpersonal intelligence and how it can improve their working practice;
  • Be aware of how they can take some control over their time and work output.

Target Audience

Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries/Assistants and Administrative staff who want to develop and enhance their role within their organisation.


  • Categories
  • Dates:
    6th - 9th September, 2016
  • Venue:
    Holiday Inn Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg