Developing Scorecards, Dashboards & KPI’s Workshop

A comprehensive grounding in how scorecards, dashboards and KPIs can be developed implemented and holistically utilised to drive organisation-wide performance


  • Building a performance management system that is built around the agencies core purpose and outcomes
  • Utilise best practices in planning and mapping strategy in your agency
  • Fine-tune the art of developing and selecting effective and meaningful KPIs
  • Gain a roadmap for implementing and executing the scorecard, dashboards and KPI system effectively
  • Discover how to cascade KPIs across the agency
  • Facilitate a sound understanding of the scorecard and KPI system across your agency
  • Learn how KPIs can be utilised to measure, analyse and drive performance in the new environment
  • Leverage your existing performance management systems
  • Optimise the overall KPI system for comprehensive performance impact

Who will Attend

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Finance Director / Manager
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Corporate Services
  • Finance Services
  • Management Accounting
  • Management / Performance Reporting
  • Business Planning / Budgets
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Governance
  • HR Manager/ HR Personnel


  • Categories
  • (DBN) Dates:
    15th – 16th February, 2018
  • (DBN) Venue:
    Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel
  • (JHB) Dates:
    25th -26th January, 2018
  • (JHB) Venue:
    The Capital 20 West Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg
  • (WDH) Dates:
    5th – 6th April, 2018
  • (WDH) Venue:
    Hilton Hotel Windhoek