Financial Modelling

This Three-day intensive course is aimed at any professional in any functional area who aspires to become proficient in the design and development of computer-based financial models. The course is designed to take participants through different levels of modelling complexity to enable them to achieve their desired level of proficiency. The entire focus of the course is to teach techniques that will enable you to design and construct financial models that are not only functional but also accurate, reliable, flexible, user-friendly and maintainable. The course has been carefully designed to meet the needs of a variety of different users and their differing levels of expertise.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with an impressive range of Excel facilities and tools;
  • Appreciate the nature and use of new facilities in the latest versions of Excel;
  • Use a variety of simple and complex Excel functions with confidence;
  • Create dashboards and reports that are informative, enlightening and insightful;
  • Formulate and solve problems using optimisation techniques;
  • Design and build macros and user-defined functions;
  • Use macros to extend the functionality and enhance the usability of financial models;
  • Clean up, enhance and generally manage raw data for modelling purposes;
  • Understand the nature of financial models and their application areas;
  • Plan, design, construct and prove modelling applications for planning and decision-making;
  • Use the facilities of Excel to prepare forecasts of financial statements and cash flows

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives and managers
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Accountants and lawyers
  • Corporate financiers
  • Investment bankers
  • Commercial bankers
  • Treasury professionals
  • Financial and credit analysts
  • Investment analysts and fund managers
  • Engineers
  • Front and back office staff
  • Administrative professionals


  • Categories
  • Johannesburg (ZA)
    22nd – 24th January, 2020
  • Windhoek (NA)
    5th – 7th February, 2020