Microsoft Project Workshop

Today’s complex projects make it almost impossible to track all aspects of a project without the use of a project management system. Microsoft Project is suitable for large and small projects and the project’s performance baseline can be easily monitored and controlled using several combinations of database fields and graphical representations of the project information.

While the workshop begins with the very basics of Microsoft Project, it integrates with the project management discipline to include advanced project management tools and techniques, used in everyday work to plan and manage projects efficiently and effectively.

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Keep tabs on the money, materials, time, and people it takes to complete your projects
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Project’s many advanced features, options, and time-saving tools
  • Discern at a glance whether your project is on track or in trouble
  • Use templates to create overall project plans, and then customize to meet an individual project’s unique specifications n Employ Microsoft Project’s powerful analysis tools to identify potential conflicts, red flags, and variances — before the project even starts!
  • Link information from Microsoft Excel® , Access™, Outlook® , and other software resources
  • Manage multiple complex projects smoothly and efficiently with Microsoft Project

Target Audience

Project Managers, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors & Any Professional who wants to become more proficient in Microsoft Project


  • Categories
  • Lusaka (ZM)
    30th – 31st January, 2020
  • Durban (ZA)
    3rd – 4th February, 2020
  • Johannesburg (ZA)
    20th – 21st February, 2020
  • Cape Town (ZA)
    24th – 25th February, 2020
  • Durban (ZA)
    26th – 27th September, 2020